Back to School Season: Choosing Sports Mouthguards

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Blog

It’s “Back to School” season now, which means your children may have returned to their routine daily schedules. For some children, this means they’re back to playing on their school’s official sports team or participating in extracurricular physical activities. If your child is particularly fond of contact sports, that may call for needing a protective mouthguard. At Archbold Family Dental, we provide custom mouthguard services to ensure your child and their teeth remain protected while they enjoy themselves in their favorite sports!


Depending on the requirements in place by your child’s school or program, mouthguards may or may not be needed. Whatever the case may be, we highly recommend investing in a quality pair of guards to prevent serious injury or trauma. 


Sports that typically require mouthguards include, but are not limited to, football, hockey (ice or field), baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and more. Because these sports are contact-heavy, this means there is a higher potential for physical trauma to occur. For cases like this, it’s better to be protected in the event that something goes wrong.


Our custom mouthguards are created specifically for patients utilizing molds and scans to accurately capture the details in their dental structure. Because these mouthguards are tailored to the individual, you can rest assured they will keep your teeth and jaw protected from serious injury. 


With your new mouthguard ready to be used, it’s crucial to maintain its cleanliness or hygiene. Our team suggests cleaning them after every wear using soap and water to prevent bacteria from building up. Lack of cleaning can lead to potential infection or further complications down the line. Along with the guards, you choose also maintain proper dental hygiene through regular brushing and flossing.


If you or your child are currently or planning on participating in a contact sport, guarantee your peace of mind by scheduling an appointment to receive custom mouthguards with our office. They’ll keep you well guarded on the field while you stay on top of your game!