4 Holiday Dental Tips

Putting up the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and wrapping presents are some of the most wonderful memories we have from our childhoods. But while we may not associate dental care with the holidays quite like these activities, there are dental practices that can help make your holiday season brighter! The team at Archbold Family Dental would like to share with you four holiday dental tips to practice this holiday season.

Avoid overdoing it with candy and sweets

Hard candy and sweets like candy canes or peanut brittle can chip your teeth if you bite down on it wrong, so it’s best to be cautious when treating yourself to these sweets. Endless sweets and sugary drinks can also lead to tooth decay, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on dessert altogether. After indulging in these treats, brushing your teeth can help remove any lingering sugar for the bacteria in your mouth to feed on and eat away at your enamel. Not brushing your teeth afterward can put a damper on your holiday spirit due to tooth sensitivity and pain, or even a root canal or tooth extraction if you aren’t extra careful.

Sticky treats like caramel and taffy can also dramatically increase your risk of developing tooth decay because it is easier for it to stick to your enamel and between your teeth, making it easy for harmful bacteria to grow. These sticky sweets can damage your teeth by loosening fillings or even making previous dental work fall out completely, so be cautious of how much of it you’re eating.

Don’t use your teeth as a tool

It’s the season of gift-giving! With the holidays come plenty of presents to open and not enough time to open them all. However, with that being said, avoid using your teeth to break or cut open the packages. This harmful habit can easily cause teeth to chip or crack. Additionally, using your teeth as a tool can also damage your bite and may even lead to TMJ pain. We understand that you’re excited to open your presents, but use scissors instead of teeth to accomplish these tasks. It just isn’t worth risking a chipped tooth for.

Watch the wine

There’s no better time to enjoy a big glass of red wine than the holiday season. If you happen to like red wine, keep in mind that drinking glasses of it can stain your bright smile. If you do end up drinking red wine regardless, do so with food to alleviate how much of it gets on your teeth, and make sure to brush well afterward to avoid staining your teeth.

Schedule your dental visit to keep healthy habits

The holidays are busy for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on your dental exams. Honor your scheduled dental appointments or even schedule a dental exam to make sure you’re ending the new year on a good note, healthy mouth, and a bright smile.